No Surprises

To ensure there are no surprises March ThirtyOne has 4 core values that are embedded in everything we do. 


When dealing with service companies, the greatest impact on customer service is the quality of their project management. We make our projects transparent by mapping them out clearly from the start in order that the client can follow every step, by doing this we manage our clients expectations and can quickly resolve issues. 


To work successfully in the advisory or service sector our currency is knowledge and solutions. Therefore we need to act with intelligence and innovation when looking for solutions for our clients. One of the key benefits that we can bring are ideas that will impact your cost base in a positive manner - this is why we value innovation so highly. 


For every project we deliver our objectives are aligned to the clients - because we work on performance related contracts we need to deliver for the client or we will not get paid. We carry out over half the work on most projects before we get paid;this sustained forensic analysis of data reaps rewards for our clients when aligned to our bespoke cost reduction process and ensures we deliver the right result. 


We work with trusted suppliers who can provide great solutions that will change and reduce the cost bases of our clients. However, we only get paid by our clients all suppliers involved in our process are giving you the best possible price without any sideways commission payments. 


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